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The Benefits of B Vitamins

B vitamins are some of the most important essential vitamins our body needs to function properly. There are 8 vital B vitamins, known as the B complex, that are necessary for our body’s cellular processes. B vitamins are all water-soluble, meaning they dissolve in water and need to be consistently replenished through diet or supplementation. The 8 B vitamins that…

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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Inflammation is the body’s natural immune response to injury or infection. When our immune system is activated, inflammatory cells are sent out to heal damaged tissue and attack bacteria. However, sometimes our body releases inflammatory cells even when an injury or infection is not present. This condition is known as chronic inflammation and has been associated with many different autoimmune…

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Can Men Use Collagen Powder?

The use of collagen supplements is primarily marketed to women due to its awesome beauty benefits, like supporting skin elasticity and stronger nails. Collagen protein is present nearly everywhere in the body including our skin, bones, connective tissues, and blood. While collagen does indeed provide beauty and anti-aging benefits enticing to most women, the same benefits apply to men as…

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