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DeWitt’s Media, Inc Review

If you are building or scaling out a business today, you need to invest in digital marketing services. Around 2.14 billion people worldwide bought goods and services from the digital space in 2021, and that number is only expected to grow in the coming years. 

These days, a successful brand will have a robust digital marketing strategy — and there are few companies who deliver that as well as DeWitt’s Media, Inc.

Since 2007, the team at DeWitt’s Media, Inc. has helped clients increase pay per click (PPC) revenues by as much as 1,900%. They’ve increased inbound leads by over 5,000 per month (view Insurance case study). They’ve helped customers reach and maintain higher margins and returns on investment (ROI) as high as 300-400% (view eCommerce case study).

There’s no doubt that DeWitt’s Media, Inc. has the talent and the know-how required to help your business achieve the success you’ve been searching for. 

The DeWitt Media Story

The story of DeWitt’s Media, Inc. is really the story of CEO Tyler DeWitt. 

Tyler has long had a passion for helping businesses grow. His entrepreneurial spirit was alive and well from a very young age; he started helping companies build their online presence at 14 years old! His burning desire for success and unique talent for digital marketing has helped him build a successful business that has been a godsend for many brands.

Scaling up Major Brands

Tyler’s marketing journey started when he was 19 years old. In many ways, Tyler was your average 19-year-old guy. He enjoyed hiking, bodybuilding, and weekends out with his friends (in fact, he still does). And like many people, Tyler was working day and night to make ends meet. 

But even fresh out of high school, Tyler already had a fire under him — and he was determined to succeed in his marketing endeavors.

In 2007, Tyler built a website that landed him his first major client: the largest reseller of Hallmark Ornaments in the country. This was a tremendous challenge for a 19-year-old entrepreneur, but Tyler’s tenacity and drive helped him not only meet the client’s needs, but scale into bigger opportunities. 

After this initial project, Tyler started work with He quickly became one of their top partners, managing their SEO, PC, email marketing, display ads, and other marketing channels. And while was engaging work that brought him many challenges, Tyler also felt driven to try his hand at something new.

Successful Side Projects

While working with, Tyler also owned several product-based websites. Tyler’s marketing prowess helped these sites bring in over six figures monthly, with just one campaign consistently yielding $40k each month.

Then, Tyler had an idea: could he combine his passion for fitness and his talent for marketing into one thriving endeavor?

Tyler and his team developed their own line of health supplements. They designed labels, websites, and everything else they’d need to promote and sell their new brand. And when the product was ready, they used every marketing strategy at their disposal to make it a success.

Sales skyrocketed. Tyler and his team saw 7,000% growth. The team’s Enterprise email system had nearly 200,000 monthly consumers. And as for earnings, the supplements brought in nearly $275,000 a month in sales through affiliate networks like Crush Ads and Epic Marketing. 

It was clear that Tyler DeWitt and his team had cracked the digital marketing code — and they were eager to share what they knew.

Helping Other Brands and Businesses

These days, Tyler has a new passion: helping local and national businesses achieve the same success he has seen through digital marketing. 

In addition to his consulting and marketing services, Tyler shares his experience and knowledge of marketing to crowds of 4,000+ people as a national speaker for Small Business University and Small Business Expo (the largest tradeshow in the United States).  

DeWitt Media, Inc’s Services

When you work with DeWitt’s Media, Inc., you are getting a dedicated team who will stop at nothing to help your business reach the next level. Tyler and his team offer all their clients the following services:

  • Ongoing Recommendations
  • Ongoing Consulting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Analytics Monitoring
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Usability Recommendations
  • 24 Hour Response Time Monday-Fridays

National brands can also work with Tyler directly as a direct consultant. Tyler can help you scale your team to optimize your success for the long run. 

The benefits of partnering with DeWitt’s Media, Inc.

  • You will have an increase in growth.
  • You will have someone you can turn to for expert advice.
  • You will have growth for years to come.
  • You will be able to focus on what you do best.
  • You will have the support you need to succeed

A Top Team To Meet Your Needs

Over the past decade, Tyler DeWitt has brought together a talented team of senior-level marketing experts who are passionate about the work they do. These workers are independent, driven, and experienced marketers — much like Tyler himself. DeWitt’s Media, Inc. is very strict about their hiring standards, only working with professionals who have at least 10 years of experience.  

Of course, Tyler knows that a team must be happy if they’re going to deliver quality work. That is why DeWitt’s Media, Inc. has an entirely remote workforce! This allows his team to pursue the lives they love, while also creating impressive marketing campaigns they can be proud of for their clients. And this strategy has led to supremely happy employees: DeWitt’s Media, Inc. has a 4.4 rating on Glass Door, and 4.67 rating on Upwork (where they have hired over 246 people). 

DeWitt Media, Inc. Case Studies

The past decade has been extremely successful for DeWitt Media, Inc., but there are always some projects that stand out among the pack. These cases are a testament to the power of great marketing — and the fact that Tyler and his team always deliver work that’s a cut above. 

Here are just a few of DeWitt Media’s most successful campaigns:

Lead-building in a Competitive Market

This company was operating in a highly-competitive market, which meant that Tyler’s marketing efforts needed to cut through the din of other businesses. His team accomplished this by building additional websites, creating high-value content for consumers, and using PPC marketing to attract businesses.

The results were astounding. DeWitt Media helped the company land 5,000+ additional leads each month, which lead to an 18% increase in conversion and over $127,000 in monthly payouts. You can learn more about this case here.

Using Honesty to Increase Sales

When Tyler first entered the world of health supplements, he quickly discovered that marketing in this field was not driven by honesty or integrity. His team had a unique challenge: how could they get consumers to trust in their brand without resorting to the hyperbole and over-promises of their competitors?

DeWitt Media opted for an innovative strategy in the supplement industry: honesty. The company created SEO-optimized content comparing its products to the big-name brands. They never over-promised, never made outlandish claims — and customers responded to their honesty in droves. In addition to nearly $275k in monthly sales, DeWitt Media was soon landing over 3,500 trial sign-ups each month AND scoring an incredible 67% retention rate! You can read the supplement marketing case study. 

SEO Based on Quality Content Creation 

This company wanted to drive more search traffic, but they didn’t have many backlink opportunities on their existing site. To solve this problem, DeWitt’s Media created a brand-new educational hub that featured high-quality, SEO-optimized content that drove backlinks to client’s website.

This creative approach led to 264 new inbound links (including 17 .edu links and 9 .gov links). However, perhaps the greatest sign of this project’s success happened when Google released a new update. While many pages fell out of the top 10 on Google searches after this update, our client saw their keywords increase 300%! 

View the Link Building Case Study

Optimizing PPC for Increased Profits For An Ecommerce Store

PPC has long been a popular way to market products online — but it’s only successful if it’s done right. For this client, Tyler and his team restructured the way the company used PPC, by targeting their most popular pages and the most-searched keyword for those pages. 

Through careful content creation and A/B testing, Tyler and his team were able to maximize their PPC success and help an eCommerce company see 300% PPC growth and a profit margin that nearly quadrupled! You can learn more about this case here

If you want to scale out your business and help your brand reach the next level, contact DeWitt Media, Inc. today. There has never been a better time — or a better team — to increase your company’s brand awareness and earnings online. 

View the PPC Case Study.