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Burn XT Reviewed

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Burn XT is a popular fat burner with a marketing strategy that makes promises about the ingredients that may not be substantiated by facts. According to the manufacturer of the product, Burn XT has thermogenic properties that succeed in raising the internal cell temperature and activity. The result is reported to be an increase in the metabolic rate thus leading to weight loss.

Some people consider it an effective thermogenic fat burner while others question the possibility the claims are too good to be true. By looking at the various characteristics of the product, you can determine for yourself whether this the right product for you.

Overview of Burn XT

Burn XT is a fat burner supplement that is marketed as a weight loss capsule that works by increasing the metabolic rate, burning calories, and suppressing the appetite. The manufacturer also states the product boosts the energy and increases the stamina to allow the consumer to build lean muscle during periods of exercise. The formula used to manufacture Burn XT makes it a unisex product that both men and women can use.

The Beginning

Burn XT is the leading fat burning product under the Jacked Factory brand. The parent company of Jacked Factory is Nutra Holdings, Inc., a manufacturer of dietary supplements whose main headquarters is in New York. The company first introduced Burn XT in September 2017. All manufacturing and shipping take place at a cGMP-certified facility. If you need to contact the manufacturer, you can do so as follows:


70 Carolyn Blvd.
Farmingdale, NY 11735

Phone:      1-877-250-5237


Manufacturer’s Claims

The manufacturer claims Burn XT is a leading thermogenic fat burner that works because of its ability to speed up the metabolic rate, suppress the appetite, and boost the energy. In short, this means the ingredients promote a natural thermogenesis process.

If you are not familiar with thermogenesis, it can be described as metabolic stimulation that occurs within the cellular structure and results in an increase in the heat and amount of energy the cells expend. Theoretically, this process causes an increase in the metabolic activity and increases the basal metabolic weight allowing fat to be burned. Most commonly, companies refer to the thermogenic ingredients as “fat burners.” A study conducted by Obesity Reviews stated the most popular ingredients known to cause fat to burn are green tea and powdered caffeine.

Ingredients in Burn XT

It is important for consumers to know the ingredients in any fat burning product they choose to use in order to judge potential effectiveness. The ingredients you will find in Burn XT are as follows:

  • Premium Fat-Burning Acetyl L-Carnitine, the ingredient the company advertises most frequently. Acetyl-l-carnitine is an amino acid that is known to produce energy. According to research studies, including one that was referenced in PNAS, this particular amino acid improves the mood of the user.
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract, the second ingredient is included to stimulate both fat-burning and increase energy. The International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders published a study thatshowed green tea contains a high concentration of catechin-polyphenols, a group of phytochemicals that could possibly encourage the occurrence of thermogenesis within the cellular structures.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous or powdered caffeine is an ingredient that is added to speed the metabolism and boost levels of energy. Physiology & Behavior published results of research that discovered caffeine works effectively with the activity of the phytochemicals in green tea.
  • Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract may have anti-obesity properties according to a study published in Pharmacognosy Review. This is possibly linked to the capsaicin in the cayenne pepper. Capsaicin is the active chemical component you find in chili peppers.
  • Bioperine is the chemical found in black pepper that is responsible for its pungency. This ingredient is derived from piperine and is a patented extract.
Is Burn XT Effective?

The manufacturer promotes Burn XT as a thermogenic fat burner that has triple functionality: burning fat, boosting energy, and suppressing the appetite. They also state the reason this three-stage process of thermogenesis occurs is because the ingredients in Burn XT cause the formation of a synergistic formula that causes an increase in metabolism shortly after the ingestion of each meal.

The consumption of ingredients such as caffeine and green tea can possibly cause a temporary increase in the metabolism. However, research studies warn there is a possibility the body may become immune to this type of caffeine if it is used for too long or excessively. While ingredients such as acetyl l-carnitine can possibly help build muscle, scientists believe you could obtain the amino acids by adding lean proteins or legumes to your diet.

Benefits and Results of Burn XT

The manufacturer states the main benefits to Burn XT are its ability for increasing fat loss and boosting the metabolism. Other reported benefits include increasing energy levels, supporting the development of lean muscle, suppressing the appetite, and improving the mood. They also claim the product is manufactured from bioavailable ingredients and do not include any fillers or dyes.

There are mixed results on various reported thermogenic reviews. While some reviewers reported consumption of the fat burner helped improve their ability to feel more focused and alert during workouts, others stated the caffeine contained in the formula only produced a mild effect on their appetite and failed to result in any noticeable loss of fat.

How Burn XT Affects Weight Loss

The primary marketing tactic of Burn XT is the claim it has the ability to raise the basal metabolic rate and burn fat thus resulting in weight loss. Nutritionally speaking, a program comprised of a regular exercise program and consuming foods in whole-food form may lead to fat oxidation. The combination of exercise and foods known to burn fat can help with the weight loss process as they create a caloric deficit.

Almost all reviewers caution Burn XT is far from being a “magic pill” that will allow a consumer to lose weight without exercise. Some even believe the high dosage of caffeine causes the loss of water weight before it has any real impact on the fat stored in the body.

Proper Dosage of Burn XT

The manufacturer recommends consumers take a capsule of Burn XT during each meal. However, you need to avoid taking it within four hours of bedtime or taking more than four capsules in any one day because of its stimulant qualities.

How Safe Is Burn XT?

One of the most common questions people ask before investing in a fat burner is whether it is safe. While most thermogenic reviews posted on Amazon report it seems safe for the most part, some users had to consult with their physicians due to the amount of stomach pain they experienced.

Potential Side Effects

Some of the most common side effects reported by users of Burn XT include the following:

  • Dry mouth
  • Excessive sweating
  • Stomach cramps or pain
  • Nausea

Some people have a sensitivity to L-carnitine, and since there is a high concentration of acetyl-l-carnitine, anyone experiencing this sensitivity should not consume Burn XT.

Comparing Burn XT to Lean XT

Many people conducting research on the Jacked Factory brand website often make a comparison between Burn XT and Lean XT. While Burn XT is primarily designed to burn fat, Lean XT works to build lean muscle. According to the manufacturer, it’s safe to stack the two products during the day or take Burn XT with a meal and Lean PM before turning in for the night.

Comparing Burn XT to Hydroxycut

Some shoppers have made a comparison between Burn XT and Hydroxycut. Because of controversial reports concerning the safety of Hydroxycut, shoppers want to know if Burn XT is a safer alternative. There is a possibility the toxicity of Hydroxycut is a result of the high concentration of unknown botanical herbs.

Unlike Hydroxycut, Burn XT is free of any proprietary herbal formula. Its formula consists of five main ingredients, mostly stimulants.

Take It from Users


I have been using Burn XT for just over two months now, and even though I haven’t made any real changes in my diet, I have lost almost 25 pounds.


The capsules weren’t too bad and even though they seemed to be effective, they made me feel nauseous. Even though that was one of the listed side effects, each person is different. You never know how it’s going to affect you unless you try.


When I started using the product, I found I was hungrier than I was before. I let it go for a week just to be sure it wasn’t just a fluke. I ended up returning it.


The manufacturer markets Burn XT as a thermogenic fat burner that boosts the metabolism, suppresses the appetite, and provides a boost to the energy. While it most definitely contains stimulants that are connected to fat burning products, there are different results reported regarding fat oxidation and weight loss. Another thing to keep in mind is Burn XT is not an appropriate choice for those who have a sensitivity to extremely high stimulant doses.

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