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Working With Us

Currently THP (The Hub Post) is not hiring any publishers, as we have a team of dedicated staff submitting high quality press releases, content, news, and so on. On the other hand, if you would like to contribute content to THP to get your name out there and so on, we do off this. Please review our content policy first as any content submitted will be moderating intensively.

The Content Policy Guidelines: 

  • Content must be unique (no duplication of any content, anywhere)
  • When linking out, you must only link to other high quality websites, content, and so on
  • You are not to link into any of your websites or practice in any link selling (all links will be carefully reviewed).
  • When a user comments on your post/page submitted. You are to respond to their comments, questions, and so on with all professionalism
  • Content must be free from grammatical errors, profanity, and so on. So make sure your proof read

Once again if you are approved to contribute content to THP. All content will be examined from top to bottom. If you are an excellent writer then you have nothing to worry about.

The Benefits Of Contributing To THP:

  • Full name listed at the end of each post
  • Biography link, linking into a dedicated page about you
  • Your social media buttons such as Facebook, Twitter and so on

By us providing the following above, this allows you to get your name out there as a content writer. Most companies now days, before contracting out any work or even hiring anyone internally for content creation. They will do a Google search on that person name. Therefore when they come across your biography page (which will generally be ranked in the top 5 on Google) they will see the content you have written online for other companies such as THP.

For contribution of content please contact form at our contact us section.

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