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My connection with health!

My life works in this order:

  1. Nutriton
  2. Business
  3. Fitness

What I have noticed over the years is that 2 never has any success (including 3 too) unless 1 is being follow through on. I have noticed when I maintain a strict healthy diet week after week. My mind and body becomes so balanced. For example, I find myself less moody, better decisions, thinking clearer, more energy, and the list goes on. I could list over 50 benefits easily.

My diet consist of a lot of salmon, chicken breast, brown rice, basmati rice, ezekiel bread, and I am always sure I get every single vitamin and mineral in my body everyday. After time, you find yourself growing not only physically but mentally too, your mind begins to process information more efficiently.

At times I will go 4-5 weeks with no cheat meals and completely eating nothing reporcessed. I like ice cream and all that but I cant stand the way it makes me feel (sluggish, up down, and etc), so then I came to a conclusion why even cheat really. Its like a plant, it has to get adequate water, sunlight, and so on to grow strong. Your body and mind is the same way, you need adequate nutrient to look and feel good. Ice cream and all this reporcessed food does nothing for health.

Learn to understand how your body and mind respond to certain foods. Your comprehension will enhance after time and you will start to discover a new you

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