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When Should You Take Collagen Powder?

A collagen powder supplement is one of the easiest ways to increase the collagen protein levels in your body and promote shinier hair and healthier joints. Though we produce collagen naturally, how much we are able to produce declines rapidly as we age. Decreasing collagen levels leads to frailer bones and a decrease in skin elasticity. Supplements can make up for our natural loss of collagen when taken daily in the form of a tablet or powder. 

Collagen supplements are made from the bone, skin, joint, and cartilage material of animals such as cows, chickens, fish, and eggshells. Multi-source collagen supplements may contain a mixture of multiple animal materials while single-sourced supplements contain typically only bovine or marine collagen. 

Hot Bod Nutrition’s (HBN) collagen powder is single-sourced made from 100 percent grass fed bovine. Our natural collagen powder formula is tasteless and easy to mix into a variety of beverages and foods. There is no right or wrong way to take collagen powder. It’s a natural and safe supplement that can be taken alongside other supplements or medications. Though there is little evidence to support when and how you take collagen powder determines effectiveness, some collagen powder consumers  believe timing is everything. 

Take It on an Empty Stomach

Some people believe that taking collagen supplements on an empty stomach allows for better absorption. Collagen requires stomach acid to be broken down, so taken on an empty stomach would allow for the most efficient breakdown of collagen. However, there is no evidence to suggest that collagen powder is less effective when taken with food. So, whether you decide to take it before, with, or after you eat, you’ll still be reaping its benefits. 

Take It With Vitamin C

Vitamin C is necessary for collagen production, making it an essential cofactor in collagen synthesis. Some people claim taking vitamin C alongside their daily scoop of collagen powder helps boost its benefits. However, because collagen powder is used for supplementing your collagen levels and not its production, vitamin C is not necessary for receiving the benefits. That being said, combining vitamin C with your daily collagen powder won’t hurt either. 

Taken in the Morning VS Night

While some people swear by taking it in the morning on an empty stomach, others believe in taking it at night so your body has time to process it. There could be some truth in this belief, as your body does most of its repair work (including skin repair) during the early hours of the morning. But there has not been any studies done to determine if the effectiveness of collagen powder is any greater or worse taken at certain times of the day. Though if you need help sleeping, taking your collagen powder supplement at night may prove useful. Collagen protein contains glycine, an amino acid that can make you sleepy. Add a scoop of HBN’s collagen powder supplement to your nightly chamomile tea for natural sleep aid benefits. 

Taken Before or After a Workout

Though collagen protein is important for stronger bones, there is no evidence to suggest that collagen powder supplements taken before or after a workout have any immediate benefits on performance. But because our bodies use collagen for building strong bones and repairing tissue, taking collagen supplements after an intense workout or injury may help speed up recovery. One study found that men who took 20 grams of a collagen supplement daily reported decreased muscle soreness and improved workout performance compared to the control group. Though, the time of day the supplement was taken didn’t seem to have an impact. 

Collagen Powder: All Day, Everyday

When you take your collagen powder supplement is entirely up to you and your schedule. If you prefer taking it on an empty stomach, go for it. Prefer to take it at night to help you sleep? Perfect. The benefits of collagen powder can be achieved no matter what time of day you take it, with or without food. The more important factor to consider is how consistently you take it. As with any supplement, the positive effects of collagen powder become greater the more time it has to build up in your system. For best results, take your collagen powder at the same time everyday. Making it a part of your daily routine makes it less likely you’ll forget to take it. 

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