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21 Turn Ons: Blow his mind away

One thing women always want to know is how to keep a man happy and satisfied in bed. While each one is different, there are some tricks that work better than others. The following 21 tricks will definitely turn him on and blow his mind away.

1.  Make Eye Contact with Your Partner

Always make sure to make eye contact with the man you are with. It doesn’t matter whether you are going down on him, if he’s on top, or you are doing it doggie style. Both of you will enjoy it more if you make it a point to maintain eye contact. It shows him you are interested in him and want to see the expressions on his face.

2.  Be Vocally Expressive About Your Feelings

Don’t be hesitant about vocalizing your feelings. This includes things such as moaning, calling his name, and talking dirty. He isn’t a mindreader, so you need to make sure he knows what you like and what you don’t. You shouldn’t expect him to know what kind of foreplay actions are the most appealing to you any more than he should expect you to know how to get his motor running.

3.  Make Sure to Actively Participate

No one enjoys sex with someone who does nothing more than lie there and let you do all the work. Needless to say, this makes the act boring for the guy and is not likely to win you any Brownie points or return offers. Sex should be an act of mutual satisfaction, but you can only achieve that goal when both people actively participate.

4.  Try Different Positions

Instead of always settling for the missionary position, be willing to get on top of him and ride him. Sex should be enjoyable for both parties, and you can only accomplish this by taking some time to engage in different positions, go to different places, and even surprise him by doing things that are unexpected.

5.  Make the Moves and Get Him Excited

When you are on top riding him don’t just move up and down. Let him know you are really into it by moving your hips in a circular motion and grinding on him. Change your direction and watch the expressions on his face as he loses himself in what you are doing and the sensations your movements create for him.

6.  Use Your Hands

When you are having sex, you never want to leave your hands out of the action. Use your fingers and trace his body, run your fingers through his hair, and even better, when you are on top you can hold his arms down. Your hands can be very useful in adding to the sexual pleasure–don’t let the possibilities pass you by.

7.  Don’t Let Yourself Get Into a Rut

It’s important not to allow yourself get into a rut. That means not having sex in the same position or in the same place every time. Be experimental to enhance the experience by changing positions and places. No one ever said you can only have sex in bed with your man on top.

8.  Encourage Him to Be Upfront About What He Likes

Don’t hesitate to ask him what he wants and what he likes best. Once you find out what he prefers do it no matter what the day. This means not just performing oral sex because it’s his birthday or another special day. Instead, do it because both of you deserve great sex and intense orgasms.

9.  Talk About Sex When You Aren’t Together

You shouldn’t just talk about sex when you’re together. You want to make it a point to talk about even sex when the two of you are not together. Send him sexy pictures, naughty texts, and drop hints about what you would like him to do to you. Give him a reason to have you on his mind every minute of the day.

10. Show Him You Want Him

Show him you are interested in sex. Show some enthusiasm. There is no way to hide it if you are just going through the motions or if you are really enjoying what he is doing to to you. When you are turned on it turns him on.

11. Find Out What Part of Your Body He Likes Best

Find out what part of your body really turns him on and pick positions that highlight that area. Come up with some sex games that focus on those areas. It’ll be fun for both of you and make you feel extra hot knowing you’re giving him a special visual look just for him.

12. Keep Him in the Know About How He Makes You Feel

There are many ways you can accomplish this, but you can begin by letting him know when you are getting ready to climax. There is nothing more exciting to  man than for him to know he is about to make someone reach the highest point of passion.

13. Treat Yourself to Things That Make You Feel Sexy

Think about things that make you feel hot and sexy and do them for yourself. Letting him see you doing what makes you feel good about yourself can be not only attractive but lead to some great memories.

14. Engage in Mutual Masturbation

This may sound crazy–after all, the idea is to have a great night of sex. The truth is getting each other off can be great foreplay and teach you the trick to making your partner reach an intense orgasm. It’s a really hot and educational trick to use.

15. Talk Dirty

It’s truly arousing to hear someone tell you what they want to do to you or what they are thinking when you are inside them. Dirty talk ensures you are always on someone’s mind.

16. Don’t Ignore His Balls

The balls are one of the most sensitive organs of his body, yet they are often neglected. Be the one who shows them the attention they deserve!

17. Nibble on His Lips While You Are Kissing

Nibbling on his lips shows you are actually hungry for what he is about to do to you. This is a very arousing move to say the least.

18. Don’t Be Too Anxious to Shower or Use the Bathrohom

Instead of rushing to the bathroom take some time to linger and savor each other. Take time to enjoy each other even when you are no longer engaged in the actual act of lovemaking.

19. Show Him What You Like

Don’t be hesitant to touch yourself or guide him to the areas that require attention. It’a sexy to know someone is interested in having a climax.

20. Ask Him What He Wants To Do

Ask him what he wants to do to you and then let him do what he wants. This can be a real turn-on for him.


Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and give your partner what he wants. That’s how you can be sure you have the best sex and that both of you are completely satisfied.

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